CLIENT_Coolway. CAMPAING TITLE_Venice Beach. LOCATION_Bread & Butter Berlin,MICAM-Milan. DIMENSIONS_60m². ABOUT_ Coolway or how to go across Venice Beach in a few square meters. California, cradle of the surf, the skate and the bohemian, when we picture the beaches of Santa Monica, there are always lifeguard houses, surfboards and the “Stars and Stripes”. The stand, of course, had a little bit of all these iconic objects in a deliberate attempt to emphasize the surfer spirit of the brand. Blue and sand were the two prevailing colors with brushstrokes of red, yellow and green, like mixing in a blender a pinch of beach essence, a spoonful of frames from some 90s Hollywood movie and lots of American way of life. Different shapes and volumes help construct a landscape contemporary, but decadent at the same time, as the chipping paint on the lifeguard house and the shabby wood artifacts clearly show. And in between the array of shoes, a message for the dreamers: enter this paradise beach, enjoy the view and above all, be a dreamer yourself. Just like some character from one of those 90s movies stated: “This is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t; but keep on dreamin’ – this is Hollywood”.