CLIENT_ Carmelo Abad Haidressers. LOCATION_València. YEAR_2007. DIMENSIONS_90m². ABOUT_ The space tried to disassemble the classic concept of a hair salon, giving a personalized response to what the client had in mind without losing an ounce of elegance or freshness. It was the perfect chance to play a game of opposite elements such as modern-old, straight-round, heavy-light to generate this theatrical area, where the main action revolves around the beauty of hair. Halfway between a futuristic movie and a renaissance ballroom, the first thing we find when entering is the reception counter in a solid toroidal shape, resting on round luminescent bulbs. A bubble-like Murano glass lamp cascades over it in a dreamy way. A closely woven white curtain hangs from the moulding on the ceiling hiding a curvilinear green wall in clear contrast with the straightness of the hairstyling area. The wash units appear in a higher level at the back of the salon, outlined by a Renaissance stucco frame.