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PROJECT_Penthouse SQM_70 m² LOCATION_ València(Spain)  ABOUT_The customer wanted natural light to flow into the house and get the feeling of tranquility and nature, but somehow escaping minimalism. Thus, the color palette was softened and natural materials were used to create a sober space. The penthouse is split into two clearly defined halves: the daytime and the nighttime, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are, separated by a bookcase. The bedroom and attached bathroom have both skylights open in the ceiling and the façade. The enclosure uses the latest generation of glass, ultra-transparent and self-cleaning, with climatic conditions in order to prevent sunlight from overheating the inner space. The wall is covered with hexagons of different volumes. This way, zenithal light when projected on the wall surface will produce a play of light and shade, as if it were snowing. As can be noted, wood and glass predominate in most details, nature at its purest.