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CLIENT_Victoria shoes. CAMPAING TITLE_Be Victoria. LOCATION_Bread & Butter Berlin,MICAM-Milan. Modacalzado-Madrid. DIMENSIONS_60m². GRAPHIC & FURNITURE_Alberto Sánchez-MUT design. ABOUT_The stand emerges from a vertical garden, made up of green artificial grass. The landscape speaks an urban language, but we, city dwellers, must not neglect ecological thinking. These shoes were made to hit the city sidewalks, but they are so very country. On the border where these opposite, yet complementary, environments meet, the stand arises. The synthetic lawn leads to a rattan mesh and a tile composition with a wide range of crazy prints matching the canvas of the trainers. These three textures are so different; however, they get along in perfect harmony. All over the panels, there are subtle dashes of color in the shape of the brand new logo. Thus the showcase stays clean and neutral giving prominence to the shoes. The adapted version of the Mikado sticks piercing the mesh and the grass help create the display. A fantastic sort of never-ending ledge is constructed all around the perimeter by simply crisscrossing these sticks. Some of the sticks, but tinted and smaller, sketch the logo at different heights while the hollow ones work as lamps. A designer snake-like table with cylindrical wooden legs and a geometrical top dominates the center of the stand. It is also remarkable the flooring made of strips of light wood. This is what Victoria is: a mixture of tradition and modernity, of eclecticism and purism. Whatever will be, will “be Victoria”.