once upon a time…Victoria.

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CLIENT_Victoria shoes. CAMPAING TITLE_Once upon a time. LOCATION_Bread & Butter Berlin, MICAM-Milan & Modacalzado-Madrid. DIMENSIONS_60m². ILLUSTRATOR_Conrad RosetABOUT_ The intention was to capture the essence of street art: immediate, youthful and representative of those everyday things around us. Everlasting, yet not immutable. Full of color, shapes, textures, like the “cuprocking” style of the billboards. Having this in mind, plastic cups were replaced with silk screened polypropylene plates. These plates hung from the mesh, in such arrangement as to shed over the walls a complete graphic design telling a tale about urban culture where trainers played the main role; a narrative packed with shapes, objects and animals, where every little piece was thought to fit in the whole. The plates were not disposed orderly, but in a sort of organized chaos, to reproduce the dynamism of life in the city. The movement generated by the swaying of the pieces because of the air or some passer-by makes the graphics and the colors vibrate altogether. Besides, the absence of plates in some strategic spots favored peeping through the holes to see what was happening inside the booth. Through the plates we wanted to compose a graphic image telling a story, something like “Once upon a time… Victoria”. It is a story where rural and urban natures collide resulting in a peculiar landscape.